Pzartech provides solutions for part recognition and tracking 

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Snapr PN

Snapr PN is a solution that enables to extract the part number (PN) through shape recognition. 

The parts are recognized in catalog developed with the client and based on captures of the parts to be recognized.

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Snapr SN

Snapr SN is a solution that enables to extract the serial number (SN) through an industrial optical character recognition. 

Snapr SN's first product is focused on supporting team maintaining aircraft in performing the incoming/outgoing engine inventory:

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Currently in development with IAI, TrackR aims to provide manager with a clear picture of their process while requiring not installation. 

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Pzartech Ltd. was established in 2015 with the aim of simplifying maintenance. 

Since our foundation, we've had the opportunity to collaborate with various industries such as aviation or furniture in Asia and EMEA.

We believe that the best way to improve maintenance is to empower the operator performing it. That is the reason why we build solutions computer vision-based solution that support technicians with the smartphones that are already in their pockets.

Our experience has proven us that a lot can be done to improve processes with exploiting existing resources and we are dedicated to make it happen.



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